About Us

Fondazione Pisana per la Scienza is a non-profit research institute focusing on biomedical research related to social challenges in order to achieve tangible improvements for mankind.

At the core of all our activities are issue-oriented and problem-driven research questions that are approached in an interdisciplinary manner, with a focus on rapid transfer. We develop and apply advanced technologies with a twofold goal:

  1. Biotechnology – FPS develops cutting edge technology platforms that provide new capabilities to the Pisan biomedical community, thereby aiding its growth and international standing. These technical services are also available to all scientists and professionals, independent of their affiliation or geographical location. See “Technology Platforms” for more details.
  2. Biomedical research – FPS performs independent research with its own scientific staff and resources also within Pisan, national and international collaborations, in which the biotechnological capabilities of the FPS laboratories are utilized to investigate key biomedical questions. Currently the FPS research program comprises three areas, oncology, neuroscience and cardiovascular system. More details can be found under “Research Activities“.