Gianmarco Ferri

Junior Researcher, People

Junior Researcher


Gianmarco Ferri graduated in 2014 at University of Pisa in biotechnology with a thesis on the very rare genetic disorder called Progeria. In 2020 he obtained his PhD in Biophysics at Scuola Normale Superiore, carrying out his research activity at NEST Laboratory under the guide of Prof. Cardarelli.
Since he started his scientific career, the main interest was focused on fluorescence microscopy, in particular confocal and two-photon microscopy applied to living matter. Exploiting the arsenal of advanced optical microscopy techniques, he studied the pathophysiology of the insulin secreting beta cells of Langerhans Islet in human pancreas, thanks to a strong collaboration with the Unit of Islet Cells and Transplant of Ospedale Cisanello (Pisa). During the last years as Post-Doc at NEST Lab he specialized in metabolic imaging, exploiting enzymatic cofactor NADH autofluorescence as a label-free tool to understand the metabolic asset of single beta cells in intact Langerhans Islet under glucose stimulation. He joined the FPS team of nanomedicine in 2021, with the aim to apply fluorescence imaging techniques for quantitative characterization of biological sample by means of standard and super-resolution microscopy.