Leopoldo Laricchia Robbio

Chief Operating Officer, People

Chief Operating Officer


+39 050 8753544

Leopoldo Laricchia Robbio has wide knowledge in basic research combined with consistent experience in science leadership. He has extensively worked in top-notch research centers broadening his research field and consolidating his knowledge in scientific coordination of outstanding research laboratories. His interest in biomedical research extends over 20 years as he has progressed from a first-rate training in Italian Universities to the coordination of research and innovation activities both in international research centers and governmental institutions.

Leopoldo Laricchia Robbio holds a Ph.D. in “Experimental oncology”. After the graduation, he worked as a molecular immunologist at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA. Later, he managed a small research group for almost five years at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In his scientific career, he made a number of significant contributions in the aforementioned fields, many of which have been published in high-impact scientific journals. Ten years ago, he was appointed Scientific Coordinator of the Regenerative Medicine Centre in Barcelona, and later he worked for the Andalusian government with the challenging task of promoting clinical research to develop new therapies. More recently he joined Fondazione Telethon, the most important non-profit organization in Italy funding research in Rare Genetic Diseases. His office had the role to identify, match and connect international researchers with private partners to strengthen the search for funding opportunities such as applications to European grants.

Many years of in depth coordination of top-notch research offered him the unique opportunity to acquire tremendous experience in managing human and technical resources.