Giovanni Signore

Junior Researcher, People

Junior Researcher
Nanotechnology Facility


Giovanni Signore ( and his group carry out research at the interface between life sciences, nanotechnology, and microscopy, with the aim of developing new tools for early diagnostic, targeted therapy, and deeper understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying physio-pathologic processes.

He graduated (2003) and obtained his PhD (2007) at the University of Pisa as organic chemist. Shortly after, he joined NEST laboratory, focusing on the synthesis of environmentally sensitive probes for intracellular imaging and on the development of nanostructured devices for targeted delivery in vitro and in vivo.

His current interests are centred on the development of hybrid organic/metallic nanostructures for the detection in vivo of trace levels of circulating biomarkers, and in the quantitative characterization of pathologic tissues by super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.