FPS Grant 2020 and FPS Vassili Fotis Grant in Neuroscience 2020

Call for Applications

The aim of this Call for Applications is to attract talented researchers to strengthen the FPS research team and promote innovation in biomedical research. Individual scientists are invited to submit cutting-edge research proposals in synergy with FPS research lines. With these FPS Grants researchers will have the opportunity to pursue their scientific vision, manage their own funding, and have full access to the state-of-the-art technology platforms available at FPS. Based on their performance and on project success, FPS may invite proponents to join its permanent research staff.

Within this call for applications, one additional grant in the area of Neuroscience will be funded thanks to the generous donation of Dr. Vassili Fotis: the FPS Vassili Fotis Grant in Neuroscience 2020. Dr Vassili Fotis is an innovator, a pioneer in orthodontics with a long professional and academic career, whose professional and human figure can be found on the FPS web site. He generously endowed FPS with funding to be dedicated to neuroscience research.

The call is now closed.