Saturday, June 23 2018
La Ferla Marco

La Ferla Marco

PhD Student

Laboratory of Genomics and Transcriptomics

+39 050 8753553

In 20-30% of breast carcinoma there is an overexpression of the HER2/neu receptor protein, due to the amplification of HER2/neu gene. Trastuzumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody used for molecular targeted therapy of breast tumors overexpressing HER2/neu protein. The drug exerts its action by binding the receptor and blocking its activity. Unfortunately, a significant number of patients do not respond to Trastuzumab or become resistant to its action.

Marco La Ferla is studying the correlation of the mutational profile of HER-2 positive breast cancer patients with complete or partial response to neoadjuvant therapy with Trastuzumab with the aim to find possible molecular factors predictive of response.

Marco La Ferla received his Master’s degree in Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Pisa.

He is a Student of the PhD program in Clinical and Translational Science of the University of Pisa and spends most of his research time at the FPS Institute for Biomedical Research, under the supervision of Chiara Mazzanti.